IO 2 - Growth Mindset MOOC

Growth Mindset MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a blended professional development course which teaches educators, principals and staff the foundation of a growth mindset and empowers them with the tools and resources to cultivate a growth mindset culture in their classrooms and school. It is a combination of a Moodle e-learning and face-to-face training. The course also delivers knowledge how to implement a growth mindset into feature lesson plans, learning routines, assessments and instructional tools.

Draft macro-structure:

  1. how to help students believe that their effort and learning strategies are the sources of their success and highlight the relationship between learning and “brain training;”
  2. how to reframe mistakes as learning opportunities and disassociate improvement from failure;
  3. how to use growth mindset language in giving instructions;
  4. how to encourage positive perseverance;
  5. how to set high, challenging but realistic expectations of students’ performance and communicating this to the students;
  6. how to break learning goals into smaller steps;
  7. how to give effort and process-oriented feedbacks;
  8. how to help students to develop positive self-talk;
  9. how to cultivate a sense of purpose and real-life learning.