IO 5 - Community of practice compendium

IO5 is the result of activities encouraged by IO1, IO2, IO3 and IO4. In this compendium we collected teachers’ and students’ experience with growth mindset activities. The Compendium encompasses results of teaching activities, teachers’, students’ and parents’ reflections, students’ projects, portfolio of cases, teaching best practice, quotes, evidence of satisfaction with different activities, evidence of impact. Best practices included in the compendium are from different subjects (e.g. STEM, languages, arts, sports) and also from cross - curricular projects.

The collection as such serves several purposes:

  1. it is an example of authentic transnational learning, because we finalized it together as a team. The compendium is the result of partners' collaborative and participative learning from all aspects included in the project: teachers’, students’, principals’, parents;
  2. offering experiential best practice from different countries provides transnational picture for other stakeholders who are not target group of this project, but they need such information for their decisions, e.g. policy makers, education institutes;
  3. among others, the compendium gives us first hand practice-based material for strong promotion of growth mindset on social media, email marketing and print media.